Patch notes Gracia Epilogue - changements divers

Patch notes Gracia Epilogue : changements divers [article à traduire]

News Informer

The News Informer NPC has been placed in each city to announce updated hunting areas with Gracia: Epilogue, along with teleporting players to the corresponding areas, and to help complete the old quests which cannot be completed anymore due to the changes in some hunting grounds.

The News Informer will stay in game for a finite amount of time, and the date of his departure will be announced beforehand.

Item Repurchasing

The Item Repurchase system has been added to allow players to repurchase items sold to traders for the same amount that the item sold for.

  • Items sold cannot be re-purchased after disconnection, quit, or character select.
  • Only the last 12 sold items can be repurchased from a vendor NPC.
  • Buy and SELL links have now been consolidated into one link called Buy/Sell/Refunds and a single window now houses all 3 options. These options are now tabbed for convenience.

Steel Citadel Raid Boss Changes

  • Raid boss Demon Prince and Ranku have had their respawn times reduced. The reward has been adjusted based on updated respawn time.

Pet Changes

New pets have been added

Pet Name How to Acquire
Deinonychus Can be acquired from Primeval Isle.
Guardian's Strider Can be purchased from Territory Mercenary Captains with 80 Territory Badges.
  • New feed has been added
    • Enriched Pet Feed. for Wolves: Great Wolves and Fenrirs will automatically fill their hunger bar if it drops below 55%.

The following outlines changes being made to the way that pet inventory items are handled:

Previous After a pet is unsummoned, a weight/inventory check is performed to determine if items are added back to owners inventory or dropped to the ground.
Changed To Inventory remains on pet after it is unsummoned. When the pet is summoned again, a weight/inventory check is performed to determine if items are added back to owners inventory or dropped on the ground.
  • The item used to summon pets cannot be traded if the unsummoned pet has items in its inventory.
  • Deinonychus pets cannot wear armor but may equip an accessory.
  • Guardian's Strider pets can wear all Strider equipment and accessories.


  • Due to the changes made to the monsters in the new refined hunting areas, some seeds and crops of Town of Aden, Innadril, and Schuttgart were changed.
  • Aden Castle: Added (Alternative)Twin Coba, Removed Coda related seed and crop.
  • Innadril Castle, Schuttgart Castle: Added (Alternative) Sea Coba, (Alternative)Twin Coba, decreased previous maximum seed sale amount and maximum crop purchase amount.

Other Changes

  • Upon logging into the game characters will not be attacked by preemptive attack monsters for about 10 minutes. However, if a character performs any action (with the exception of using a Scroll of Escape) this will cause preemptive attack monsters to attack.
  • The foundation item trade window through the Blacksmith of Mammon has been simplified.
  • If item enhancement succeeds as listed below there will be a firecracker effect and system message.
Item Enhancement Level
Weapon From +6 to +7
From +14 to +15
Armor From +5 to +6
  • When using /target command, it is changed to auto target nearest target.
  • The /target command will select a target even with partial name of target.
  • Support magic has been extended. It will now be offered to all characters level 75 and below.
  • The appearance of some NPCs has changed.
  • Characters who acquire an 'Ancient Herb - Slayer' herb will not receive the effects of the herb if the character is 6 or more levels outside the monster's level that drops the herb.
  • The formula used to determine damaged inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly.
    • The amount of damage inflicted on monsters will be lower if your character is 2 or more levels below that of the level 78+ monster.
      • Damage will not decrease if player is same or higher level of the monster they are attacking.
      • In case of a servitor or a pet, damage will be based on owner's level and not the pet's level.
    • Decreased damage amounts apply for all types of attacks (weapons, skill, etc.).
    • This change does not apply to PVP.
  • The formula used to determine resistance against magic inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly.
    • When a character's level is 3 or more levels lower than that of a monsters level the chance that the monster will be able to resist a magic spell will increase.
    • Items that used to affect the chance of a creature resisting a magic attack has changed.
      • The chance of monsters resisting magic spells will be based on character's level rather than stats used to boost the chance to hit a monster.
    • This change does not apply to PVP.
  • The levels of some monsters in Hellbound, Seed of Infinity, and Seed of Destruction have been changed.
    • The levels of Beleth, Tiat, Ekimus and Scarlet van Halisha have been decreased.
    • Due to the adjusted levels of some raid bosses, the loot tables associated with these monsters have been modified. Please remember that you must be within the level range of the monster in order to obtain maximum loot.
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