Patch notes Gracia Epilogue - Objets

Patch notes Gracia Epilogue : Objets [article à traduire]


Cloaks are now standardized into one category instead of being divided up as heavy armor / light armor / robe.


A belt with new options has been added.

A, S Grade Magic Rune Clip Belt

Option Description
HP Recovery Increases HP recovery rate, also additionally increases HP recovery rate while sitting down
MP Recovery Increases MP recovery rate, also additionally increases MP recovery rate while sitting down.

A, S Grade Magic Ornament Belt

Option Description
PvP normal attack Increases damage of normal attack during PvP.
PvP skill attack Increases damage of skill attack during PvP.
PvP defense Decreases inflicted damage from normal/skill attack during PvP.

Additions/Changes to Existing Items

  • Giant's Codex is a stackable item now.
  • It is now possible to augment the following items: Necklace of Blessing | Ring of Blessing | Earring of Blessing
  • Bows and Crossbows with the special ability Cheap Shot will now reduce MP consumption on all skills.
  • When attempting to swap a weapon during combat, the swap will occur after completion of the current attack.
  • The tooltip for Apella armor descriptions has been changed to reflect current information.
  • Vesper Sheutjeh - The special ability of Cheap Shot has been corrected. Now All skills MP cost will be reduced by 12% when a skill is used. Formerly there was a 12% chance of a skill cost being reduced to 1 MP.
  • The casting speed for the following talisman skills have increased:
    • Red Talisman - Recovery
    • Blue Talisman - Divine Protection
    • Black Talisman - Mending
    • Black Talisman of Physical Freedom
    • Black Talisman of Arcane Freedom
    • Black Talisman - Escape
    • Black Talisman of Rescue
    • Black Talisman of Vocalization
    • Black Talisman of Free Speech
  • Dynasty Phantom – Wisdom items have been renamed to Dynasty Phantom – Nature.
  • Masterwork Dark Crystal Helms are now displaying the correct Passive Item skill.
  • The tooltip description for the Special Ability Guidance on Vesper Stormers has been corrected.
  • Item icons with images similar to other items have been changed:
    • Red Soul Crystal/Blue Soul Crystal/Green Soul Crystal
    • Fine Cube Piece
    • Red Gem
    • Olympiad Warrior's Ring/Necklace/Earring
    • Entrance Pass to the Sepulcher
  • A successful hit with dual-swords or fist weapons will now always consume a Soulshot.
  • An issue of not having any effect on hit with bare hand or melee weapon by Elf male characters has been fixed.
  • An abnormal effect that occurred during Vesper Dagger Dual Sword Craft has been fixed.
  • Masterwork Helmets can now be re-sealed through Blacksmith of Mammon.
  • An issue involving the PVP Vesper Noble TUNIC set bonus has been corrected.
  • Bottle of Souls will only require 5 souls to fill instead of 6.
  • The Saint Spear PVP weapon tool tip has been corrected.
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