Interview inédite et en version originale de Stephen Reid

Guile Ghalt: Hello Stephen. Stephen Reid: Hello !
Guile Ghalt: Can you tell more about NC Soft Europe? Objectives? Relations with NC Soft Korea and NC Soft US?

Stephen Reid: NCsoft Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of NCsoft in Korea. It's been set up to bring NCsoft's range of games to Europe, and to provide a local service to European players. We work closely with NCsoft in Korea and North America to accomplish that.

Guile Ghalt: Can you tell more about yourself? Your job and your objectives?

Stephen Reid: My job title is Content and Community Manager, so broadly speaking I'm in charge of our web sites, and of our community relations team. That means I'm going to be overseeing the creation of our web sites for Europe, and managing all the people we're going to employ to work as Community Coordinators - they'll be our direct contact with the fan community, and sites like Jeux Online. :)

Guile Ghalt: You said that NCSoft Europe is independent from US and Korea Office and that your team is growing. So in the future, can we expect some games developped by an European Team ? It should be nice to see an "European touch" in the NcSoft Catalog.

Stephen Reid: It certainly would be nice to see a European developed game in our catalogue. :) We're in discussion with a lot of different companies.

Guile Ghalt: Now, with an European Office, will we be able to see worlwide shipping for Tabula Rasa and any of the futures NCSoft Games ? Will there be a delay between the Europe and the US versions?

Stephen Reid: NCsoft Europe's policy on releasing games is simple: wherever possible, we want to release games globally at the same time. NCsoft Europe believes that Europe is one territory when it comes to game releases, and it's a territory that's as important as anywhere else in the world.

Therefore, we're working hard to ensure that all games - from Guild Wars onwards - will be released simultaneously with the US wherever possible. There may be delays, as this is the game industry and these things do happen, but everyone at NCsoft Europe is working hard to try and bring all of our future releases to you at the same time as the US.


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